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Urban Driftwood

 Local sales and deliveries of quality firewood and bottled gas.."


Urban Driftwood Project

Local sales & deliveries of kiln dried ash logs, dry kindling & 47kg propane gas & cylinders.

All prices on this site are accurate & up to date.

Deliveries will be only in Macclesfield & surrounding areas & may be subject to a small delivery charge.

Kiln Dried Ash Logs

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Kiln Dried Ash Firewood. 

Available to purchase by the pallet & delivered to your home at a time to suit. 

44 nets of premium quality Kiln Dried Ash. With a moisture content of less than 18%, our kiln dried logs burn clean, with a high heat output.

These logs are cut into approximately 25cm lengths and are packed into nets (approx 10kg per nett average) for easy handling.

Please text your order request to:-


Kiln Dried Ash Logs 

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Kiln Dried ASH 

Collection or local delivery.

1 - 5 nets £7.20 each

6 - 11 nets £6.70 each

12 - 17 nets £6.50 each

18 - 21 nets £6.25 each

22 nets £6.20 each    £136.40

44 nets £5.70 each    £250.80

1 net = approx 9/10kg average.

Please text your order request to:- 07796447746

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Kindling available from stock 

3 nets £10.00 

Please text your order request to:-


Collection Address

5 Chelford Road, Macclesfield

Cheshire. SK10 3LG

Propane 47kg Cylinders

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Propane Gas 47kg

Please have your existing cylinder for exchange or be prepared to purchase a new one.(£44.00 each)

Currently we are only offering 47kg Propane cylinders for sale.

Single cylinders £89.00 delivered.

2 or more £82.00 each delivered.

Please text your order request to :-